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DEATH BY AZAMARA is really a compilation of events over several cruises. The first one was 25 days long, a single mega-cruise from SINGAPORE /PENANG / COCHIN / MUMBAI through the SUEZ to ATHENS. You can read what happened in the first chapter.

After that I saw cruising as a challenge – either they were from Planet Mongo or I was. I resolved to brave the beast again.

This cruise was 31 days long, three sectors back to back; a relocation cruise as the Quest moved from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern. It was too good an offer to refuse. The cruise actually began mid-November 2010 and sailed from  ISTANBUL to KUSADASI [EPHESUS] /  BODRUM / RHODES / ATHENS / ALEXANDRIA / DUBAI / MUMBAI / COCHIN / PHUKET to SINGAPORE.

These stories cover the cruise from ATHENS to DUBAI.

Then, like a fool, I did it AGAIN. I’ve just returned from five months away; over a month of that was spent on Azamara Quest from ATHENS – up to VENICE and back then, RHODES, through the SUEZ CANAL to FUJIRAH and MUMBAI.

There are a few more stories – but, frankly, I have to wait for the muse to strike before I get to them. Soon.

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